COEX Mall New Look

If you have been to COEX Mall of South Korea before, the new look will give you a pleasant surprise. Renovated and relaunched in 2015, the renovated COEX Mall is now a modern shopping mall with 200 retail outlets and 90 cafes and restaurants. It remains one of the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. In case of rain, this will be a great place to spend a day. In addition to the endless shopping, there is a large video game center, cinema and an aquarium.

COEX Mall main plaza
The main plaza is the nicest with high ceiling, natural sunlight and spacious.
COEX Mall is a large shopping mall under Korea World Trade Center and connects to the Hyundai Department Store, Parnas shopping mall and Lotte Duty Free.
COEX Mall 是韓國國際會議中心的地下商場,並連接現代百貨、Parnas購物商場及樂天免稅店。
Artisee in Coex Mall
There are over 30 coffee shops and dessert places in COEX Mall: Starbucks, Hollys Coffee, Coffee Beans, Jamba Juice and many more. This Artisee is a nice deli and cafe.
咖啡甜品店很多,共有30多間,包括星巴克、Hollys Coffee, Coffee Beans, Jamba 果汁等。這家Artisee 看來很不錯。
Artisee in Coex Mall
The shopping mall is big, so are the shops and restaurants. The interior of Artisee looks very stylish.
Turkey restaurant in COEX Mall
There are approximately 30 Korean, Asian and Western restaurants in COEX Mall, offering a wide variety of choices.
Food court in COEX Mall
Food court is always easy if you just want something simple.
Food court in COEX Mall
It’s crowded over lunch hour.
Kakao Friends shop in COEX Mall
The Kakao Friends store in COEX is a must-visit for most young travellers.
來到 COEX 商場,年輕人必到 Kakao Friends 專門店朝聖。
Neo and Frodo
All characters are available for photography.
Kakao Friends in COEX Mall
Tube and all Kakao Friends stuff toys.
Tube 和全部 Kakao Friends 布公仔。
Kakao Friends shop in COEX Mall
You may find interesting stationeries, gadgets and toys in Kakao Friends shop and never leave empty-handed.
Jaju in COEX Mall
COEX mall is a good place to shop for Home & Decor items. Jaju is one of my favorite Korean home & decor store.
商場內有不少家庭用品專賣店。我就比較喜歡這間 Jaju,讀音像中文的「家居」。
Jaju in COEX Mall
The overall look and feel of Jaju is similar to Muji.
無論在裝修和產品方面,Jaju 都很像日本品牌「無印良品」。
Jaju in COEX Mall
There are lots of kitchen and table wares.
Jaju in COEX Mall
Interesting design of a water dispenser.
Jaju in COEX Mall
Do what you love. Love what you do.
Butter home & deco in COEX Mall
The other interesting home & deco store is this smiley face Butter.
Butter in COEX Mall
Butter is about what it says on the wall “small things & great idea”. Most of the products are cute with an interesting message.
Butter in COEX Mall
…Like we all “need more sleep”.
Butter in COEX Mall
“Beer loading” bottle sleeve… cheers!
Butter in COEX Mall
Robot clock.
Butter in COEX Mall
Gundam shop.
Butter in COEX Mall
Not sure how the style and price are comparing to those in Japan but if you are in Korea, check it out.
Butter in COEX Mall
There are a few rest areas in the shopping mall. In case you are tired, you may always take a break.
Butter in COEX Mall
COEX mall has spent quite a long time to renovate the mall and relaunched early 2015. Shops were moving in by phases and the shopping mall got filled up by end of 2015.
COEX Mall 花了一段時間裝修,到2015年初重開,到了2015年底才看到大部份的商店進駐。
Getting there: Subway Line No.2 Samseong Station exit 5 or 6 to Coex mall. Simply follow the sign.

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