Taipei Food & Drink


There’s always a way to enjoy life. The popular hot spring Beitou area in Taipei has a lot to offer. You may easily spend a whole day walking around, visiting museums, enjoying hot springs, and have a nice meal in a private kitchen. Locating in an old commercial/residential building, “A Jiao House” is a cosy private kitchen that offers creative Taiwanese cuisine. Like other private kitchens, there is no menu. Yet there are some signature dishes that are served often. There is a price range of TWD 1,000 to 1,500 per person. You may set your budget but it is also subject to the availability of food ingredients. Smart Travel: please call in advance as soon as you confirm your trip. Last minute cancellation and no show will be very damaging because the owner has to prepare for all the logistics and shopping. There were only two of us during lunch hour in our last visit. Just think about how much work there were to prepare a full meal with so many courses for just two customers. Be a considerable traveller.

Many people go to Taiwan for a variety of inexpensive good food. There are restaurants every where: street food, night…

Maidoi Ookin Shokudo is the latest inexpensive Japanese restaurant chain from Osaka. It offers simple, quick, yet inexpensive Japanese food.…

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