Bukchon 8 Views Challenge

Locating in between two palaces with a stream and mountain at the backdrop, Bukchon (north village) used to be home for the rich and famous. Even though it went through lots of changes, breaking down from large piece of land into smaller residence, it remains the highest concentration of traditional Korean houses (Hanok) in Seoul. A great way to explore Buchon Hanok Village is take a challenge to find all 8 views (photo spots) because it will take you to walk through the alleys and explore the area. It’s something fun to do.

Bukchon map 北村地圖
Before you start, get a walking map of Bukchon from the Tourism Office near Angok Station exit 2. It’s pretty straight forward. This map marked the path I took.
Bukchon first view 北村第一景
The first view or photo spot is the Changdeokgung Palace behind the stone wall.
Changdeokgung Palace 昌德宮
Changdeokgung was a favored residence of many kings during Joseon Dynasty and well-preserved with several original structures. It was listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997. check out the palace and the famous secret garden if you have time.
Bukchon 北村
Going to the second view point, you may walk along the stone wall of Changdeokgung Palace but it’s more interesting to go back to the Tourism Office and walk through the alley. You will see this mural at the back of a school after you turn into the alley.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
This Hanok house is a guest house. There are quite a few guesthouses in Bukchon where you can experience homestay.
Chung Won San Bang 清園山房
This Korean house is a museum of a master craftsman Sim Yong-sik, presenting his 40 years of work making traditional Korean windows. There are workshops available but it only opens certain days a week. Better call and make an appointment.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村
The alleys in this area is not crowded at all. Nice!
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
Walking around this maze-like Hanok Village is very interesting. Some roads are paved with tiles. Fancy!
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
This is a Hanok tailor with Hanok clothes rental services (the Hanok Experience).
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
Some modern shops are mixed in the area.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村
The second view of Bukchon is the Wonseo-dong Arts and Crafts alleyway. I didn’t see any arts and crafts shops, most of the Hanok houses were closed.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
Some of the small shops sell handicrafts and small accessories that ties in with the Bukchon feel.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
Korean restaurant.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
The old house of Inchon Kim Seoung-Su, an educator, businessman and journalist who devoted himself to national education. His house was used as a secret meeting place for the anti-Japanese movement during the war. This house is not open for tourist.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
Bukchon is a hilly area with many steep slopes and stairwells up and down the alleys, making it interesting to explore but certainly not a easy walk.
Buddhist temple in Bukchon 北村佛教禪寺
A buddhist temple: Baek Sang Jeong Sa.
Buddhist Temple 北村佛教禪寺
Like many other buddhist temples in Korea, there were colorful lotus lanterns at the entrance.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
The third view of Bukchon Hanok Village: Gahoe-dong museum lane. There are museums and tradition craft workshops.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
There are quite a lot of cafeterias in Bukchon. This is a modern Hanok gallery and cafe with big glass windows.
Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韓屋
The fourth view point of Bukchon which is a top view of the dense collection of Hanok houses in Gahoe-dong.
The fifth photo spot 北村第5景
The fifth spot is the busiest area filled with tourists and those wearing traditional Korea dresses (Hanbok) to take pictures.
Bukchon 5th spot 北村第5景
This is where I learned “Na, Du, Set” (one, two, three in English). Koreans all said that when taking pictures.
The 5th photo spot of Bukchon 北村第5景
The sixth view is the top of the same street of the 5th view. Only in these couple of years that Hanbok Experience (wearing traditional Korean clothing) and take pictures in Hanok Village has become popular. There are quite a few places offer Hanbok rental plus tea tasting or Kimchi making workshop.
The 7th photo spot of Bukchon 北村第7景
The seventh photo spot of Bukchon: 31 Gaehoe Dong. It’s a quiet alley around the corner of the 6th photo spot.
北村第7景:嘉會洞31號。大部份遊客都集中在 5 和 6 景拍照,這裏比較靜。
The 8th photo spot of Bukchon 北村第8景
The eighth photo spot is this stone stairwell connecting Samcheongdong-gil.
Bukchon Hanok Village
Even though some of the Korean houses are commercialized, there are still many people living in this residential area. So please keep your noise level down when you walk around the area.

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