Brunch in Gangnam: Casual American Food

Brunch is an excellent choice for a relaxing start of the day and you won’t be short of choices in Gangnam where the middle class and movie stars hang out. Many restaurants start late in the day and open till late too.

My Ssong casual American diner
Locating near Dosan Park, My Ssong is a charming and cosy casual American diner.
My Ssong 位於島山公園附近,是一間美式休閒餐廳,室內裝修很舒適。
My Ssong casual American diner
My Ssong is the second restaurant started by a couple who also own an Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood. “Ssong” is the name of the wife and this is probably her photo on the menu. Sweet.
My Ssong 是由一對夫婦開設的第二間餐廳,丈夫負責打理附近的義大利餐廳,這一間是「他的 Ssong」,Ssong 是女主人的名字,這也應該是她的照片。
My Ssong casual American diner
The interior design is very cosy, looks like someone’s home.
My Ssong casual American diner
This big wooden table is used for the brunch buffet every Wednesday, and a dessert counter other days.
My Ssong casual American diner
All the cakes and desserts are handmade by the owner Ssong.
My Ssong casual American diner
Scones are “Devil’s food”!
My Ssong casual American diner
My Ssong is popular as a brunch restaurant. This is the My Ssong brunch plate. KRW 16,000.
My Ssong 是一間以早午餐出名的餐廳,這份是招牌早午餐。每份16,000 韓元。
My Ssong casual American diner
The other popular brunch menu is this Zucchini Frittata Plate. KRW 15,000.
另一款是義大利煎蛋早午餐。15,000 韓元一份。
Kate Wu at My Ssong, Gangnam, South Korea
I’ve tried both (share with a friend) and prefer the Zucchine Frittata Plate better.
MySsong in Gangnam
MySsong’s Address:
135-120 16-4, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Business hour: 10am to 9pm

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