Breathe — Roll-on Aroma Oil

Breathe is a new product series developed for refreshing ourselves, releasing headache and respiratory stress when wearing face masks. The main Natural Ingredients are Eucalyptus Oil, Wild Mist Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosewood oil, Lavandin Oil, Niaouli Oil, Camphor Oil, Cajuput Oil and Rosemary Oil. There are three fragrances of the product line:

  • Classic — original fragrance of the main ingredients
  • Fruity — melon scent which smells sweet
  • Floral — ginger flowers

I first developed this idea for my own use: my family members have to travel on the plane for over 10 hours to return to Hong Kong during the Covid-19 outbreaks early this year. Wearing face masks for such a long time in a confined environment would be unbearable. So I develop my own aroma oil mix and apply it on temples and under the nose area before wearing face masks. It worked really well.

~ Mrs. Iris Ho, Director of Aroma Vera International Limited
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