Blue Light & Pollen Reduction Glasses

50% of the world’s population is expected to be short-sightedness by 2050, according to an Opthalmology journal. 60 years ago, only 15% of the Chinese teenagers need to wear glasses. Now 90% of teenagers and young adults have difficulties reading far objects. 95% of teenagers in South Korea are short sighted.

I don’t know how accurate these figures are but I bet it won’t be too far off the reality in developed cities where everyone uses smart phones and computers every day. I haven’t worn any glasses for a long time (except for sun glasses) so I rarely walk into optical shops which are not designed for casual browsing.

J!ns eyewear Japan
After dinner in Shinsaibashi, I took a walk and saw J!ns, a popular eyewear retail shop in Japan. There were quite a lot of people. The layout is inviting so I walked in and checked it out.
在大阪心齋橋吃完晚飯,沿途散步時看到日本人氣眼鏡舖 J!ns。店內有不少顧客,於是走進去看看。
J!ns eyewear Japan
It was busy in the shop but I waited till closing time to take this picture. People get upset when you capture them in the photos.
J!ns eyewear
J!ns eyewear has modernized the traditional optical shop business model. It offers varieties, versatilities, affordability, quality and fast turn around time.
J!ns 打破了傳統眼鏡公司的運作模式,以多元化、多功能、創新,但不失價廉物美。
J!ns eyewear
Have you ever seen these “moisture protection” glasses?
J!ns eyewear
We all use computers and smartphones these days. Our eyes are exposed to blue light that hurts our eyes more than the UV light. The blue light blocking glasses are something that we should consider, particularly for those who work on computer and mobile devices all day.
現在每個人都經常電腦手機不離手,LCD 和 LED 屏幕放射出來的藍光對眼睛的傷害比UV 更厲害,所以這款藍光眼鏡今年開始流行。長期使用電腦及手機者可以考慮試試。
J!ns eyewear Japan
The product display in the shop is very friendly. All colors and styles are free to try on. I started to put on glasses for fun.
J!ns eyewear Japan
This business model works! I finally bought a pair of heavy duty blue light glasses that block 38% of the blue light. They will adjust the frame to fit your face. ¥3,900.
J!ns eyewear Japan
This is another interesting product: pollen protection glasses that block out 90% of pollen!
J!ns eyewear Japan
The mechanism is like goggles, covering your eyes as much as possible. So the rims are extended but transparent to maintain a regular glasses look. Clever!
J!ns eyewear Japan
Wearing the pollen protection glasses. They look like regular glasses. I finally bought a pair of these, using it for dusting and smoking places. ¥3,900 per pair.
戴了抗花粉眼鏡,像一般眼鏡一般。我結果在東京再到 J!ns 買了一副,用來去塵多和大煙的地方戴。也是¥3,900 一副。
J!ns eyewear Japan
Please note that not every J!ns shop offers Tax Free. Make sure you ask or check online before you make the purchase.
請注意不是每間 J!ns 都免稅,最好先問清楚或上網查看免稅店地址。

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