Bhutan Shopping: Weaving Products

Textile is a major industry for eastern women in Bhutan. Most of the expensive weaving products are woven by hand. In the old days, weaving products are form of tax payment to the government. Today, the hand woven products in Bhutan commands a high price. Of course it has to do with the complexity of the pattern, too. A Bhutanese silk dress (Kira) which is basically a big piece of fabric fixed to the waist by a belt may costs up to over USD 1,000. That was the price in Paro city.

Other than the eastern part of Bhutan, many weaving products come from the central area. If you travel to Bumthang, stopping over a weaving shop is usually on the itinerary. Check it out when you are there.

Weaving products in Bhutan 不丹紡織品
There are a couple of weaving shops on the way from Bumthang back to the western region. All tourist cars make a stop there for shopping.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
Some colorful weaving fabrics are hung outside the shop.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
There are quite a lot of weaving products in the shop. All different patterns and colors. Most of them are hand-made.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
There are belts, bags, Kira (Bhutanese traditional dresses), and hats.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
In addition to weaving products, there are other traditional handicrafts made of wood and rattan. These boxes were lunch boxes in the old days and now available in smaller size as souvenirs.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
There are a couple of weaving machines outside the shop where the owner would do a quick demonstration upon tourists’ requests.
Weaving shop in Bhutan 不丹的紡織商店
I found this funny hat. A bit too small to keep the sun off the face.

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