Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Lake Shikotsu

If you have limited time visiting Hokkaido for the autumn foliage, the Shikotsu-Toya National Park is a nice place to visit because of its proximity to Sapporo. Locating west of Chitose, Lake Shikotsu was formed by volcanic activity more than 40,000 years ago. It’s the northernmost non-freezing lake in Japan with visibility to the depth of 25 meters.

The lake area is a popular outing destination with walking trail, lodging, onsen and boating activities. Be it a day-trip or a weekend getaway, it’s nice.

Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Lake Shikotsu is a resort area and part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. It is beautiful in autumn.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
There are a few open space with benches over looking the lake. Very relaxing.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
One of the view points in the lakeside open space.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
There is a nice walking path along the lake.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
The Former Yamasen Railway Bridge above Chitosegawa River, connecting the main area to another open space.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Now it’s a pedestrian bridge connecting to another open space of Lake Shikotsu.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
The waterfront open space is a nice area with some benches and access to the lake.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Lake Shikotsu is the second deepest lake in Japan with a maximum depth of 363 meters. It has a visibility to a depth of 25 meters.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
You may also paddle canoes in the lake by joining classes or renting canoes.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
As a resort area, there are a lot of choices of restaurants, cafes and snacks in the main area.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
This is the most popular snacking place with a long queue for over an hour.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
No. 1 ice cream in Hokkaido and some popular snacks. No wonder why such a long queue.
Lake Shikotsu
My lunch: scallops, deep-fried cheese cakes, sweet corn.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
The not-to-be-missed no. 1 ice cream!
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Coffee after lunch: there are quite a few choices. This home-brew coffee signage is attractive.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Log Bear is part of the hostel in Lake Shikotsu. The cafe only opens till 2:30pm.
這家 Log Bear 是支笏湖青年旅舍的咖啡館,下午營業到2:30左右。
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
The environment is cosy and the coffee costs ¥500.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
This Mizu no Uta Patissier Lab is a popular sweet shop in the main area.
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
You may see the chefs making pastries through the window.
Puff pastry with custard filling 卡士達泡芙
It specializes in puff pastries with custard filling. They look good!
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Well, when it comes to dessert, a cup of coffee would be nice. This is the second cup. Why not?
Lake Shikotsu 支笏湖
Lake Shikotsu is nice quick getaway from Sapporo. It’s only a little over an hour away. Transportation: take JR to Chitose station then switch bus. The bus ride is around 40 minutes but it goes every hour or so.
從札幌到支笏湖郊遊算是方便,一個多少時便可到達。交通:乘坐JR 到新千歲站然後轉乘巴士(約一小時一班),車程約40分鐘。

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