Autumn in Japan

Autumn Foliage in Shinsen Marsh

Locating in the Niesko mountain range of Hokkaido, Shinsen Marsh is known as the most beautiful and mystical wetland. It is so nice that this is the second time I went during autumn.

Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
The start of the hike was nice: clear blue sky with a spectacular view of a city.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
There are two pathways in Shinsen Marsh. One is around 1 hour walk towards the main area, the other is a long route that takes about 2 hours to walk through the wood and see different part of the marsh. All wooden paths.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
The walk through the wood is nice. There are shades and tall trees.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
The path towards the main marsh area is an open space.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
This is a lush wetland in the summer but I prefer the dried weeds in golden brown color during autumn.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
Depending on how fast you walk, it takes about 15 minutes to walk through the marsh to reach this main point: Shinsennuma Marsh.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
Isn’t it beautiful?
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
The color of autumn foliage and reflection on the marsh is absolutely beautiful. That’s what I came back for. It got cloudy when I arrived yet it was not too bad. The weather in high altitude is always unpredictable.
Shinsen Marsh 神仙沼
Transportation: the best way is to drive because there is no public transportation. If you don’t drive, the only alternative is to take a bus tour from Sapporo that runs every day in the summer till mid of October.

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