Anpanman Train Promotion

If you are travelling around Shikoku with your children this summer, using JR train is a good option. A) You will save a lot of stress and hassle for driving long distance. B) There are a number of Anpanman trains that you can ride on as part of the family program to amuse your children. C) There is a stamp collection campaign till 30 September 2018: collect 4 different stamps to get a special gift. It is a special Anpanman handkerchief made in Imabari, the most famous place for producing high quality towels in Japan.

All Shikoku JR Pass 全四國週遊券
When you first arrive at Shikoku Japan, you will have to redeem your JR pass the day you start using it. If you start your journey from Takamatsu, you may redeem the Pass from the travel agency in the station.
Anpanman Corner at Takamatsu Station. 高松站麵包超人遊樂區
Once you get the stamp book, get your first stamp at the Anpanman Corner on 2F of Takamatsu Station.
拿到集章小冊子後,先去高松車站內2F 麵包超人遊樂區蓋章。
Stamp at Takamatsu Station. 高松站印章。
There is another stamp on the left inside the gate.
Torokko. 瀨戶大橋麵包超人 Torokko 2006.
If you are taking one of the special Anpanman train, stamps are available in the car. This is the Seto Bridge Anpanman Train Torokko.
假如你乘搭特別的麵包超人列車,印章設在車上。這是瀨戶大橋麵包超人 Torokko。
Kochi Station. 高知站。
If you are visiting the home town of the creator of Anpanman, Kochi, you will get your 4th stamp as soon as you arrive. Then go redeem your gift right away.
Imabari Anpanman handkerchief 麵包超人今治毛巾
Voilà! The gift is an Imabari Anpanman Handkerchief. Imabari is the most famous place for producing high quality towels in Japan.

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