A China Town that’s more Chinese than China

Following the signing of China-Korea Treaty in 1882, Incheon was designated as the extraterritoriality of Ching Dynasty and the Incheon Port opened in 1883 to begin modern trade between China and Korea. The Chinatown was over 100 years old and all businesses remain are now run by second and third generation. Having been to many Chinatown around the world, this Incheon Chinatown is quite impressive with new red paints and carries a lot of traditional Chinese characters.

Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
Locating right across from Incheon station, this Junghwaga Gate is the main entrance to the China Town.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
As soon as you walk up the China Town, there are many Chinese signs and buildings in sight. This is a “shopping mall” looking entrance to a few shops selling Chinese goods and food.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
These size of a young coconut balls are called Gongal Bread. It’s hollow in middle with just a thin crust. I’ve never seen this but it meant to be a traditional Chinese bread?
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
The China Town is full of Chinese restaurants. It must be a popular tourist destination.
Incheon China Town 仁川中華街
There are also many shops selling drinks, snacks, toys and random goods.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
Not sure if it’s because I am not too Chinese, I don’t recognize many of the “Chinese” products.
Incheon China Town 仁川中華街
The decoration of Peking Opera on the street. Everything looks very new, nice and clean.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
The buildings on the China Town Streets are so traditional that the area looks like a filming site for ancient Chinese movies.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
I think that this bronze dragon is not a regular sewage lid. It’s a decoration. So fancy.
Samgukji Mural Street 三國誌壁畫街
One of the amazing thing in the Incheon China Town is the “Three Kingdoms” mural street. There are two sections of streets illustrating stories of the warlord period in China during AD220-280.
Samgukji Mural Street 三國志誌畫街
It’s an interesting walk through the mural street, looking at the illustrated stories during a complicated period of tripartite division of China.
Incheon China Town 仁川中華街
Inhwamun Gate, another entrance to the China Town. Doesn’t it look more Chinese than those in China.
Incheon China Town 仁川唐人街
There are many photo spot in the China Town, including this Jjiajangmyeon Mandu (Dumpling) Sculpture which is just a decoration outside a restaurant.

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