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2019 Chinese New Year Fireworks

The annual Chinese New Year is one of the major events in Hong Kong. The 23-minute show this year features pig’s nose and heart shapes to celebrate the Year of the Pig and the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day.

The event takes place in the middle of the Victoria Harbour. There are many places where you can view the fireworks. The best positions are along the harbour in TST on Kowlooon side and Admiralty to Wanchai on Hong Kong side. However, this popular events have attracted more and more spectators, particularly tourists. So it gets very packs and there are traffic controls everywhere. You have to brave the elements some times and wait outside for several hours to get the best spots.

So one of the easy way to enjoy the live show is to book a table in restaurants and hotels that offer good view of the harbour. The video was shot from the revolving restaurant in Hopewell Center, Wanchai Hong Kong. It is a bit far and there are a couple of buildings in front yet it is still a good place. Well, seats are still available on the same day booking. It was a buffet style and the food variety, quality and quantity were all good.

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